Fighting the freeze

It’s been a while since I said much here. Writing has stalled while I focus on children (delightful), my other work (some of which requires writing) and my health (a bit).
But June is a shifting month for me. It’s cold and it’s work intensive and that means my brain explodes with thought. This month’s question: can I push through and fucking write.
I always manage to do what I love. And I love having my characters in my head. I love wondering “what’s next” as I walk home from the station. I love hoping to steal an hour to move them around from this space to the next, from this realisation to the next, from this stage of growth to the next. And this time they have a football to kick while I move them. I love football.
And I want more f/f sports romance in the world and more f/f friends to lovers in the world and just generally more f/f romance in the world.
I don’t want to only ever write two novels.
I also love that these days when I’m not working or parenting or partnering or cleaning or feeding or friending or familying I don’t feel guilty if I watch tv. I love that I’m having plenty of sleep so I haven’t been hit with tonsilitis again.
It’s not enough to make up for the words though. So hey. I’d better work out how to love those words again.
Because it’s tough when I look at the words and so many are caught up doing the every day. I’m frustrated by moving Dimi from the car (small and zippy and white) to her dorm (unfortunately shared which is stressing her out), laying out the physical attributes of the teammates (Em is barrel chested, Angel is willowy, Grace is freckly and muscular and rounded and always beaming and can do a back flip), typing ELEPHANT where it will be a local football club (probably Gerroa) or brand of football boots (Nike Mercurials?). I hate those parts. I want the brilliant sections where we see Dimi’s heart and Grace’s longing, not the slog of getting everyone where I want them.
Right. It’ll come. With editing mostly. And okay I’ll have after 9 tonight. And I wonder if I can steal an hour tomorrow…
DToiIbHX0AA5xPF.jpg large

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