Queer diversity and queer holiday romances: Interlude Press’ new anthology IF THE FATES ALLOW

This week I had the privilege of visiting From Top to Bottom Reviews.

I talked about queer community and the joy of being part of a holiday romance anthology that includes a variety of queer folk. In pulling together IF THE FATES ALLOW, the editor and team at Interlude Press were clear they weren’t looking for gay romance or lesfic alone, but were keen for us to write any queer love story.

So go visit FTTB’s post where I go on about how important that is and recommend a bunch of fun queer series with even more diversity

“I live in a queer friendly neighbourhood in a queer friendly city. Most days my little yellow house holds my wife and me and our two kids. But my broader community is lesbians, gay men, bi people of all genders, panromantic demisexuals, straight allies who march for equality. It’s hairy trans guys, enby folk, and cis butch girls. It’s kinky femmes, party boys, and stay at home lesbian mums. It’s impressive queer community leaders who are changing the world and everyday gays whose ordinary existence is political.

Queer bonds are deeply important to queer people. These bonds allow us to live with being outsiders, and combat the fact that we’re surrounded by the assumption of straight sexuality. These bonds remind us that we are not a problem, not a mistake, but are a delightful and complex community.”



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