Covers that make it worth judging the book

The Lesbian Review has got me thinking about covers for f/f and lesbian romances and queer books with women.

So here are my favourites. Highly subjective. Strongly influenced by the fact I like beautiful views and the colours yellow and blue. Also I tend to avoid highly sexualised covers but that doesn’t mean you need to. This is just a list of twelve (um fifteen?) covers I saw and loved.

SIDESHOW by Amy Stilgenbauer. A story of a girl who runs away to the circus. The image is vivid and nostalgic and beautifully balanced.


THE MISEDUCATION OF CAMERON POST by Emily M Danforth. This cover is just gorgeous, the long view, the rainbow lettering, the girl, the boots, the gold field. It all draws me into the story immediately.

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ROLLER GIRL by Vanessa North. The angles are crisp, the image is fun and clear and the colours are gorgeous.


HEART OF THE GAME by Rachel Spangler. The cover captures the sweet themes of the book and the long lazy feel of baseball.


EMPRESS OF THE WORLD by Sara Ryan. This cover, with the girls holding hands, has been done before. It will be done again. But it’s a gorgeous example with the light and the title bringing it all together.


ASH by Malinda Lo. Atmospheric, worrying and beautiful. An amazing cover


SUMMER WINDS by Andrews and Austin. The sky, the speed of the rider, the movement. It’s an old-fashioned kind of cover with a strong image.


THAT CERTAIN SOMETHING by Clare Ashton. Adorable, the balance is wonderful, the image is excellent.


NOT YOUR SIDEKICK by C B Lee. The movement and the boldness, the retro mod feel. This is one of the finest covers.


TREASURE by Rebekah Weatherspoon. Gorgeous model, and the lights and brightness make this cover stand out.


A LOVE STORY STARRING MY DEAD BEST FRIEND by Emily Horner. This cover is catchy and intriguing and heartbreaking and funny.


FIRST POSITION by Melissa Brayden. A beautiful, clean, low colour cover that captures the background of the story perfectly.


AT THE WATER’S EDGE by Harper Bliss. The title and the author are so clear and yet it’s the water that you see and that contemplative image draws me in.


THE MOMENT by TC Anderson. Another image that’s been done repeatedly, but this is a beautiful and engaging take on the feet of the lovers turned toward one another.


HER NAME IN THE SKY by Kelly Quindlen. Just so beautiful, the two colour image captures the imagination, the swoosh of hair and the hands. Wonderful work.


BECAUSE OF HER by KE Payne. Those lovely cutouts, the reflection and balance of the book.


Drop me a line and tell me your favourites!

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