Banzai Pipeline

I live in Sydney, so I’ve been surrounded by the setting for STORM SEASON most of my life. But this year after the RT convention, I returned to Banzai Pipeline, the setting for my first novel, INTO THE BLUE.

Pipe wasn’t turning, but the waves were sufficient to keep us mostly out of the water. It was still gorgeous to see.

The novel’s protagonists, Ollie and Tai, travel the world in the book. But these are young men who are deeply attached to their home. They share the Blue House with their dearest friends and Ollie’s younger brother. They’ve battled dull jobs and clashing personalities and growing up to stay together in this place. Tai’s grounded and kind physicality has much to do with his deep-rooted love of the ocean and the familiar homes of the North Shore. And all Ollie’s freedom on the waves relies on his safety in the Blue House and with Tai.

The book is as much about friendship and understanding and home and the ocean as it is a romance. I was glad to revisit that place.


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