Storm Season excerpt -steam rises on the window


Claudie offers Lien a hand into one of the comfortable chairs in the corner. Right now in Claudie’s eyes the chairs seem to clash even more than usual, one wooden-legged with flame orange upholstery, the other low-profiled and gray-blue. Lien frowns as she settles down in the flame orange one. She fusses over her knee and wraps the ice in a cloth. With a murmured thanks, she accepts the light striped blanket Claudie offers.

“How about some tea?” Claudie says.

“Oh. Thank you. I’ll, um, can I help?”

Claudie quirks an eyebrow at her. “It’s just tea, kiddo. I can handle it.” She steps past the wood-topped bench that divides the main room from the kitchen area. The room looks out to the deck and over the valley.

The kettle takes its time to boil. Claudie faces away from Lien. Steam rises to condense on the windows, pale against the black of the storm outside. It fogs them in. Lien’s presence fills the room. Claudie’s so ill accustomed to having people in her space that she’s aware of every breath Lien takes.


My new novel STORM SEASON is an f/f cabin romance set in Australia. Sunny city it-girl Lien meets capable and reclusive park ranger Claudie. Four days until release. Feb 2. I’ll post an excerpt a day until then.

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