Storm Season excerpt – the same

Oscar Wilde.png

It’s the same view, the same canopy stretching out to the horizon, the same great, wide sky. It’s magnificent. Claudie looks out over it and is dissatisfied as she never was before. She’s been up here three years. She’s spent day after day after month by herself. She thought she was proof against loneliness.

She’s not.

It’s been two days. It’s not all bad. Kookaburras laugh at her from the railing of the deck, their beaks deadly, their stocky cream and brown bodies puffed up in the wind. Lyrebirds hide in the wet green brush and sing. Silver-gray brushtail possums patrol from the gumtrees, their eyes round and black above pink noses. Chocolate micro bats form clouds of small brown bodies and translucent wings in the evening sky.

Claudie’s not really alone. Anyway, Shelley’s right there at the other end of the radio. And Claudie likes the quiet. It’s a relief to have no one taking up her space and inviting her attention. Her brain is easier, moving from bedroom to living room without the possibility of seeing another person.

But that’s tempered by simply missing Lien.


My new novel STORM SEASON is an f/f cabin romance set in Australia. Sunny city it-girl Lien meets capable and reclusive park ranger Claudie. Five days until release. Feb 2. I’ll post an excerpt a day until then.

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