Storm Season excerpt – morning haze

To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all..png

“Lien stands and treads gingerly to the window. The glass is spattered with drops. The morning half-light is filtered through them. The storm hasn’t eased overnight and the wind is still up.

Wind and rain batters the tin roof. In the other room, a chair squeaks. The sound is just audible over the noise of the storm.


The night before is a haze of stupid decisions and rain. And a superhero park ranger. This morning is going to be better. Lien limps into the main room on bare feet, careful to make no noise. The early morning light is delicate, hazy green and gray. It creeps across the walls and over the wooden floorboards.

Lien’s superhero park ranger is stretched out in the blue-gray chair. In the fear and shock of the night before Lien didn’t take Claudia in, except as Wonder Woman with glorious shoulders. Now, with Claudia safely asleep, Lien can’t help but look her over.”


My new novel STORM SEASON is an f/f cabin romance set in Australia. Sunny city it-girl Lien meets capable and reclusive indie rocker Claudie. Release is coming up eight days from now. Feb 2. Expect an excerpt a day until then :).

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