Queer books that are more than worth reading

Whether you’re looking for lighthearted or emotionally overwhelming or both, mlm or wlw, these are a few books I recommend, queer and kind and well-written and engaging. I will do this again soon. There are so many more books I loved reading.

Idlewild by Jude Sierra: insightful and joyous m/m, a book of building love and a sense of self and a restaurant in downtown Detroit. Kirkus called it a best romance of 2016

The Better to Kiss you With by Michelle Osgood: werewolves who love werewolves, women who are clever and funny and skilled, steamy and deliciously feminist f/f.

Luchador by Erin Finnegan: bold and layered m/m coming of age, warm and fun with a dazzling backdrop. Publishers Weekly named it a best romance of 2016!

Fenced in Felix by Cheyenne Blue: earthy and believable f/f romance, women learning to trust a forever. The book  brings breath to its characters and the huge Australian outback.

Hold by Rachel Davidson Leigh: both moving and sparkling, a book about grief and friendship and theatre and superpowers. M/m and just delightful.

Black Dust by Lynn Charles: bright characters with hopes and dreams and history and humanity, an m/m story of recreating romance after a long ago tragedy.

Sideshow by Amy Stilgenbauer: escape to the circus of the 1950s, sweet and evocative and charming f/f. With a strongwoman.



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