Happy new writing year

I don’t have resolutions for my writing life. I’m doing all I can, writing is a part of all my life and yet fits into the two earliest hours of the day. It’s busy but I think it’s working for me. I just want to continue, get better, be fiercer with myself and my characters.

But I do have plans…writing plans for the year… footwigglingly happy plans.


I’ll introduce a cabin in the Northern Rivers, the city of Sydney, terrace houses, microbats and kookaburras and screeching parrots and the fact that our Aussie seagulls are about half the size of your US monsters. I’ll introduce ridiculously adorable city fashionista Lien and ridiculously competent hermit rock star Claudie, along with sweet golden boy Beau, sweeter pin up girl Annie, an indie band or two and all their queer kids.

The book comes out Feb 2. Four weeks. Squeak!


I’ll write a short f/f romance – 10 ft tall pro-basketballer, unflappable rancher and a huge Montana sky.


The Blue House kids seem to think there’s more to say about their lives, their family and loves and the huge, huge ocean. Ollie and Tai, sure, but also Hannah and Sunny and Jaime. I can’t wait to write them a sequel.





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