Travel Romance

I’ve always thought of travel romance as a genre. But most of what I can find when searching is time travel romance.

Did anyone else grow up reading Mary Stewart’s romantic suspense stories? Like “This Rough Magic” where Lucy Waring holidays in Corfu and suspenseful romantic things happen, also a dolphin talks, or “Madam, Will You Talk” where young widow Charity Selbourne holidays in Provence and suspenseful romantic things happen.

“A Room With A View” by E.M Forster is a similar book, in its way. And the recent novella “Juliet’s Journey” by Kathy Gates.

If nothing else, these books have awesome titles. But I loved them for the way the intelligent, plucky heroines lead the plot. I also loved their settings, the travel, the way that people are different away from their home.

Anyone remember these? Are there similar books you can think of? Do you know what makes travel romance work so well?

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