So you might have noticed it’s a New Year

I am making resolutions. I mean, there’s no reason this set of days will be different from the 365 before it. And personally the first five days of 2017 have slightly blowed. But here we are.

These are my non-writing resolutions…download14

  1. I’ll use LOL. I rejected it before but my replacement “hee” is overly gleeful, “hah!” is kind of harsh and “haha!” sounds sarcastic. I’m not sure about this. I’ve held back so long.
  2. I’ll focus on Australia and contact politicians and join campaigns relating to the circumstances and status of refugees and Aboriginal Australians.
  3. I’ll do the thing I’m doing when I’m doing it. As a writer/parent/professional this will only partly work because time is critical. I dream up a new scene while I cook, I watch a kid shoot goals while I hang laundry & I sympathise about a sore toe while I update my blog. But there’s improvement I can make. I will leave my phone behind to play, I will not book the children into camp while I write or watch Twitter twitter while I work. (That second twitter is a verb)
  4. I will be confident in my day job. I am good at it. Feeling on the edge of the end all the time is stressful and unhelpful and I have learned that all my colleagues feel the same stress. We are not *all* about to be fired. I am fine.
  5. I will be confident that I am sufficient in my home. I do not need to be the one who always does more.
  6. I will drink more water. Isn’t that everyone’s NY resolution?



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