Storm Season available on pre-order! Ask me for a koala.


My cabin bound romance is available HERE for pre-order from Interlude Press!!

Lien and Claudie are caught in a tropical storm in Claudie’s remote cabin on the east coast of Australia. As the rain and wind sweep around them, the women discover an unexpected rapport and an electric connection that changes them both in ways they take back to their ordinary lives.

And so because pre-orders are exciting and presents from far away are also exciting…let’s bring them together.

♥♥If you pre-order Storm Season from Interlude Press, I will send you something cool.♥♥

Just let me know you pre-ordered and tell me which one of the following Storm Season related items you’d like:

a) a postcard from Sydney, with some of park ranger turned indie rocker Claudie’s lyrics scrawled on the back. The girl writes a lot of enigmatic love songs.
b) an origami koala or kookaburra, craftsmanship my own. Lien’s no doubt better at this stuff than I am. This will be a learning experience for us all.

I will not send you an actual koala… those little fuzzies have enough problems.



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