A few reasons to love my surfer kids from INTO THE BLUE

ITB inspiration

A bunch of people have told me that Tai is a favourite. And he is a complete love.

  1. He’s full of sunshine – a gentle optimist who believes the world is a good place. Especially if you’re out on the ocean.
  2. He might not be self-aware but he’s deeply aware of everyone around him. He understands their inner selves. He knows, without thought, why they choose a particular surfboard or video game character.
  3. He’s easy in his own skin.
  4. He thinks the world of the people he loves – they are the greatest.
  5. He’s tolerant – so much so that he can forget to work out what he believes.
  6. He’s protective and tries to fix things for everyone, sometimes to a fault
  7. He might be about to give you a hug, but not if you don’t want one.

I guess fewer people love Ollie. But he has many fine qualities.

1. He is discerning in the people he loves. He knows who they are.
2. Once he loves a person or a place he is fiercely loyal, and sometimes just fierce. He looks out for his family in a prickly, quick-eyed way and he makes them sharper and more ferocious for themselves too.
3. He works for his dreams; he appreciates all of his successes. The boy has natural talents but there’s nothing entitled about him.
4. He’s careful with others the way he wants them to be careful with him.
5. He doesn’t smile about much, but he takes great joy in his sport, in his family, in his board, in the ocean.
6. He is unfailingly generous with the people he loves.
7. There is nothing false about him – wary, prickly, kind, focused, he is only ever himself.

And Sunny!

  1. She is at once a loud and loveable party girl and a well-read bookworm. She’s the smartest one in the house.
  2. She is proudly self-aware, articulate, asexual.
  3. If she bothers to give you advice you had better listen.
  4. She’s direct, open, almost irritatingly confident.
  5. Also she has awesome color-change hair and a family who will feed you

How about Hannah?

  1. She’s relaxed and comfortable with everyone, a big girl who has learned not to take up too much space.
  2. She’s resilient, she might seem immobile but she bends when she needs to and finds a way to be content.
  3. She’s gentle, thoughtful, and unwavering in her kindness.
  4. She’s built her own confidence from a tough place.
  5. You probably want to hang out with her and let her play guitar and make life easy.

And Jaime.

  1. He’s independent, he’s learned to look after himself despite being parented by four over-enthusiastic 20-somethings.
  2. He’s smart, he has plans for his future that are all his own and he is working to make them happen.
  3. He’s got a quick tongue and a bright smile.
  4. He’s a talented artist, a quirky dresser. He knows exactly what aesthetic he’s looking for. He’d rather mess up than be boring.
  5. He longs to be valued for himself, but he’s surrounded by people who mostly think about surfboards all the time. So he can get a bit nippy.
  6. He’s going to grow up into someone amazing. He’s sure of it. Just wait.

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