Can the same story be told over and over?

It’s six weeks after the release of my first novel and approximately 6 months (or so, we’re guessing for now) from the release of my second.

The first novel is primarily a love story between young men who think about surf and boards and little else. The second is primarily a love story between two women, people who know who they are and have seen something of the world around them.

I’ve thought about what brings these books together. And what’s likely to be in future books.

A. I want to write about who we choose as family. I’m a queer woman living in a city that is relatively queer friendly but there’s something of critical importance in how queer people choose their safe people and their safe spaces. My protagonists are surrounded by people they love and value and prioritise who become those found families for them.

B. I also want to write about how romantic love isn’t everything. Which seems silly as I’m writing romance novels. But it’s key to my understanding of romance that a romantic relationship is one thing in a whole rainbow (ha) of beautiful things that build up a life. Whether that’s sports and surf and a found family or music and vintage clothes and making a name in the queer scene. I firmly believe that people who are happy to be apart make the best kind of together.

C. And then I write about place. I write about what places like Hawaii and the east coast of Australia feel like but more than that I write about how characters are influenced by where they are, whether we are comfortable or out of place, and how being out of place can change a  life that was already good into something even better.

I know I have more stories to tell, and hopefully new stories, but I can’t see myself ever stopping telling these stories.

Are there stories you want to read over and over? Stories you want to tell over and over?



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