Character Profile: Jaime Birkstrom

It’s time to talk about the last of the Blue House kids. The book’s already released but Jaime’s usually late anyway.

Jaime has all the brashness and the self-doubt that being 16 in a household of 22 year olds entails.

He and his older brother Ollie share looks, but not much else. While Ollie’s focused on surfing and largely disinterested in everything else, Jaime is artsy, good in school, particular about his appearance. He’s also outgoing, comfortable at a party, and oddly aware of people around him. He’s a good kid, except when it comes to his brother.

Jaime never had a dad and his mom died when he was still a kid, so he’s mature in his way but also he loves and needs the other Blue House kids. He and Tai are easy with one another and very close – Tai’s the anchor Jaime’s lacked growing up. Jaime trusts Sunny to help with his schoolwork and to bring the fun, while Jaime and Hannah share a quiet love of family that binds them despite their differences.

But with Ollie things are never easy. Ollie’s concern and care for his brother may be real, but it’s often couched in over-protectiveness, irritation and mistrust. It rankles with Jaime. The brothers’ seemingly constant bickering with one another is a source of tension in the household.

Jaime’s a fine artist, a capable scholar. He’s loyal and loving to his family. He’s also a mouthy teenager who knows his mind.



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