Character Profile: Sunny Castillo

In a crowd, Sunny’s bright-eyed, bright-haired and happy about almost everything. She’s up for whatever entertains her. By herself, Sunny wanders the beach collecting shells or stretches out in the sun on the deck with a book.

Sunny’s unquenchable enthusiasms and ridiculousness mean a lot of people who know and like her don’t realize how smart she is. But at home in the Blue House she pays all the bills, makes sure they can afford to eat, runs her own tiny but growing business making jewelry and eagerly reads everything she can find.

Sunny’s been Tai and Ollie’s friend since middle school. The boys and younger Jaime spent afternoons on raids of Mrs. Castillo’s kitchen for huge bowls of whatever was cooking. Sunny moved out of her family’s crowded home not long after her half-sister toddlers turned two. But she loves her family and loves sharing them with the others.

Sunny’s confident, self-aware, willing to say what she thinks. She’s thought a lot about relationships and sex and has come to the awareness that she’s asexual. She might drive Ollie wild with her high volume cheerleading and lack of seriousness, but she’s also someone he trusts for her thoughtfulness and for her strongly expressed opinions.

Oh and her real name’s Christina.


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