Character profile: Ollie Birkstrom

Ollie’s really only at home in two places: out on the ocean and in the Blue House.

He’s happiest on the ocean. He knows the Pacific to his core. As a surfer he’s skilled, both mathematical in his thinking and fearless in his actions. In the Blue House with his (mostly) chosen family he’s comfortable, these kids are used to him and he can laugh at himself.

Anywhere else he’s prickly, wary of touch, awkward in conversation. People admire his talents. They recognize him with his pale skin and long-sleeved black rash shirt and snow white hair. They aren’t quite sure how to deal with him. That’s fine by Ollie.

He and his brother, Jaime, have lived with Tai and Sunny and Hannah ever since their mother died more than four years ago. The little found family has supported one another, basically raised one another, figured out jobs and cooking and school and keeping the run-down beach house in a semi-liveable state. Ollie might be irritable at times, but he’s fiercely loyal to all of them.

A couple of years back he was on his way as a pro-surfer. But some poor showings, a minor injury, and an ugly situation with Jaime sent him off course. He kept working, kept going out there to surf with Tai

. But he’s lost a lot of time. He’s terrified that it was all just a kid’s dream and will go nowhere.

The ocean is still home, the ocean with Tai beside him and a board beneath him. But he’s got work to do if he can make anything of his surfing dreams


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