Character profile: Tai Talagi

For Tai Talagi, everything is family and the ocean. In his extended family across the Pacific, or his little found family at the Blue House on Sunset Beach, Tai is an anchor, supportive and uncritical. He’s so eager to be around for others he sometimes forgets his own dreams.

It’s Tai’s love of the ocean and his innate sense of what goes on under the surface of things that led him to board shaping. Put a blank in his hands and he’s already imagining what it’ll do on the waves. He shapes all of Ollie’s boards.

Tai’s warm and outgoing, affectionate. He knows everyone on the North Shore and considers almost everyone a friend. But his friendship with Ollie is different. Ollie’s talents on the waves and his quick eyed confidence draw Tai in. His reserve and wariness are fascinating to open-hearted Tai. Ollie loves the same things Tai does and they’ve been best friends since the moment they met as young kids surfing Pipeline. But there’s a little space between them. Tai touches everyone, but he’s careful with Ollie.

Tai has a large Samoan family but most of them are spread across the Pacific, back home in Samoa or in New Zealand. There are local neighbours and aunties and friends in the Samoan community who consider him one of their own, but he misses his parents and his sisters and their kids. That’s part of why he puts so much heart into the Blue House family.

Tai 2

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