The Blue House

At the center of INTO THE BLUE is the Blue House. It’s not really blue, but it is a house. Tai and Ollie have lived there since they were 17 and 18, along with Ollie’s kid brother Jaime and the boys’ best friends Sunny and Hannah.

The place is run down. The shower’s linoleum, the paint’s peeling, the walls are thin and made of fiberboard. But it’s on one of the greatest beaches in the world and it’s been home for almost five years. All that time the older Blue House kids have scraped together rent and grocery money; they’ve shared chores and guitars and boards; they’ve dragged Jaime to school; they’ve had parties and watched the ocean from the deck.

The family the five of them have built in the Blue House is their first priority, their safe space and something all of them want to hold on to. It’s the heart of their family and the heart of the story.

blue house

Blue House 2

2 thoughts on “The Blue House

  1. Rosie Bojangles says:

    I imagined the blue house to be kind of weather board, and cracked, and outdoor furniture rescued from verges. And a paler blue. Interesting. The blue house.


    • penehenson says:

      Yeah this is more… uh… inspiration than prescription as clearly the house is cracked and mostly deck and has a swing chair and is right over the parking lot at Sunset Beach. But I found this picture of a bright aqua Blue House in Hawaii so I held onto it.


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