Surf profile: Teahupo’o

The world’s best surfers are awestruck by the wall of wave at Teahupo’o (Popularly pronounced “Cho-Po”). For years the wave was thought too steep and too heavy to surf. It has a 20 foot face, it’s a monster as heavy as a building, and it breaks straight onto a reef that’s just a couple of feet below the water.

teahupoo 2teahupoo

Teahupo’o itself is a village on the south-west coast of the island of Tahiti. It’s also the site of the Billabong Pro Tahiti on the World Surf Tour.

For the characters of INTO THE BLUE, Teahupo’o is the last stop on the first leg of Ollie’s world tour. Tai and Ollie have spent 6 weeks travelling the world’s best beaches together, sharing hotels and cabins and waves. Now it’s time to face reality. As if the mighty blue wave isn’t bringing them enough tension, they have to go home to their little family and their little house and discover what their shifting relationship will look like in the real world.


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