Getting excited about characters

This weekend I took my 4 yo to a birthday party complete with Ninja Turtles. The Turtles played hide and seek and tied the kids to a lamp post and handed out ninja stickers (my 4 yo “if you don’t know if I’m a ninja or not, just look at my belly sticker!”) My kid *loves* the Turtles. He knows them well. His favourite is Raf “because he’s cool”

My wife and I ended up chatting with a woman we barely know (we barely knew anyone) and discovered she’s a writer and screen producer.

She was amazed that I have a novel being published, kept telling me I should be excited. “I am excited,” I protested. “I promise.” They laughed at my flat tone. I’m tired and worried about a deadline and was fighting a heavy cold so it was hard to show how I feel about this.

But oh boy. I am excited.

I’m thrilled to be able to say my book’s available in July. I’m delighted. If it hadn’t been for Interlude Press talking to me about novel writing, I might never have taken the chance to find and get to know these characters and write about them.

I love them all: the big heart of Tai, his worry and bravery and the way he knows the shape of things underneath; Ollie’s focus and fear and resilient brilliance; Hannah’s gentle strength and Sunny’s cheery intelligence. I love Jaime too, for all the creative ways he finds to be a complete pain in the arse and still awesome.

I might not be able to have a dress-up party with my characters, but I love them as much as my kid loves the Ninja Turtles. And probably am less likely to forget them and move on to Pokemon.



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