Surf Profile: Snapper Rocks

In my book INTO THE BLUE, Ollie and Tai spend a couple of months on the World Surf League championship circuit. It’s a hard life for two young surfers, traipsing from one beautiful beach to another.

Their first stop: Snapper Rocks, the famous point break on the Gold Coast of Queensland.


The rocky outcrop of Snapper at the south of Rainbow Beach juts into the ocean to create the break. Surfers clamber over the rough dark rocks with their boards and leap into the waves as they roll in. The break is helped along by a man-made sand bank that accumulates at Snapper from sand pumped out of the Tweed River.

Snapper Rocks hosts the Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast. Its current champion Matt Wilkinson is bringing everything on the waves this year.

Beyond the comp, the break’s known mostly for its crowds. It can be difficult to surf, packed with people, competitive and uninspiring. But sometimes surf magic happens and the swell and the sandbank come together to form a straight, powerful wall of water. Surfers talk about that wave for the rest of the year.


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