What do your characters do…

When they’re not doing their thing? A conversation that’s slightly too long for twitter.

For whatever reason (I could theorise but I can’t give too much away) my novel in progress includes a large amount of washing up. “My turn to do the dishes,” says one of the leads. And the other helps with drying. Sweet.

Other authors tell me their characters are forever baking, or cooking complex meals, or eating.

In INTO THE BLUE my characters spend a fair amount of time gazing at the ocean and waxing their boards. But that’s more setting-based. I decided halfway through that the ocean gazing was a feature, not a flaw. I might need to tone down the dishwashing though.

What else do characters get caught up doing?


8 thoughts on “What do your characters do…

  1. Kathy Gates says:

    In my novellas (set of three) in progress my main character is a journalist researching a book — she spends a lot of time either making notes or reading over/reviewing her notes and at one point has to transcribe her notes when she is reunited from them. I found this a way to deliver info — hopefully it works!


  2. Morgan Grantwood says:

    I’m working on one set in the political world, so there’s a lot of politics of Regency Era England. And needlework of various types. It’s what the characters are passionate about besides each other.


  3. kebelledonne says:

    As I mentioned earlier, there’s a heck of a lot of cooking. And preparing to cook. Chopping onions, washing salad, sauteeing mushrooms.
    In the book I’m just drafting out, I realize there’s a lot of peeling and eating oranges. I’m not really sure why.


    • penehenson says:

      Giggling! You are awesome K. It makes perfect sense. I mean in real life I spend a lot of time making vegemite sandwiches for my kids. And cutting them in quarters. There are things we just get caught doing over and over.


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