Profile: Surfer, Julian Wilson


The golden boy, this Australian has it all.


Bone structure, clear eyes, sun-tipped curls. And he has a way of wearing a beanie- the boy was meant to be on Instagram. Sponsors must have had heart palpitations when they first saw him carving through the waves as a blonde grommet.
But he’s not only an Instagram dream. He’s a surfer first. He finished 2015 sixth in the world, he won the Pipe Masters came equal first at J Bay in South Africa and been runner up in pretty much everything.
Last year Mick Fanning and Wilson were battling it out to win the finals at J Bay when a shark attacked Fanning. Fanning tried to send Wilson back to shore, but Wilson paddled hard toward his friend and rival. Fanning lost his board, disappeared behind the waves. At one point Wilson thought the shark had taken Fanning under. It was a terrifying few minutes, even watching from shore.
The lifeguards picked up Fanning and Wilson and brought them back to shore, shaken but fine.
So not only is he talented and gorgeous, but his bravery is pretty legend too.
JW and MF
Coming in a few days: Kelly Slater

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